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Why do you need water shoes? Ocean Footwear Guide

Why do you need water shoes? Ocean Footwear Guide

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            Every sport requires the proper shoe to help you perform your best. Ocean footwear is worn in wet conditions to give you the correct amount of support and traction: ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, rafting, hanging out on a boat or your local beach, etc. 

Why wear ocean footwear? 

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            Barefoot beach days are necessary, but we also want to keep ourselves safe from ocean debris, rough surfaces and an ever-changing ocean landscape. Imagine snorkeling on a shallow cove when suddenly you step on broken glass or a rough rock underneath the surface. OUCH! protecting


            Are you getting ready for a day at the beach? Full-coverage, slip-on styles help guard your skin against the sun while keeping sand off your feet. Most water shoes cover the entire foot and have thick soles. These features are essential for protecting your feet from hot surfaces and sharp objects, such as rocks and shells. A quality ocean shoe is essential when treading through ocean floors with unpredictable water and rocky terrain. 


            Water shoes tread slippery surfaces, including anything from a slimy rock on the ocean floor to a wet boat deck. Typically, these shoes are made with lightweight neoprene and a high-grade rubber sole for optimal grip. 


            Insulation keeps when exploring cold waters. Regulating your body temperature underwater while keeping your feet warm is vital for your protection and safe blood circulation.  

What type of ocean footwear is right for me? 

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Dive Boots & Scuba Shoes

            Dive boots and Scuba Shoes provide you with stability, protection, warmth and comfort during a dive. A quality diving shoe ensures your feet are entirely isolated while underwater. Diving shoes with a harder sole are more comfortable to walk on in a rocky environment. They are essential when diving in cold water and are often worn in combination with an open-heel fin that features an adjustable heel strap to hold the fin on foot. Dive shoes cannot work with closed heel fins. 

            The Seavenger Atlantis and Tortuga Dive boots and scuba shoes are a perfect choice! The quick-drying slip-on shoes are ideal for the beach, pool deck, boat or in combination with open-heel trek fins. 

Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks - Yellow

Water Socks

Aqua socks, also known as water socks, are shoes that will get soaked or wet. Aqua socks are also worn together with snorkeling fins. With water socks, you can maintain the feeling of being barefoot while being protected from the beach and water elements. Beach socks are great when swimming, playing on the beach, or wearing your dive fins or snorkel fins.

The Seavenger Zephyr and SeaSnug water socks are a perfect choice! The quick-drying slip-on socks provide an extra grip sole and are made with 3mm neoprene.