Detail Page - Project Aware

How It Works

Starting on World Oceans Day 2019, our Seavenger Team is increasing its efforts to reduce pollution and save our oceans through financial support and on-the-ground work. With every purchase made on Seavenger’s website, you have the opportunity to donate any dollar amount to Project AWARE®, and we’ll match your donation 100% to double the difference that it makes.


What is Project AWARE®?

Project AWARE® is a community of ocean enthusiasts and passionate conservationists who work to reduce pollution through regular cleanups both on the beaches and underwater. Scuba divers take part in Dive Against Debris cleanups while topside activists help sort debris and keep beaches garbage-free. Their ultimate goal is to create a future in which the ocean no longer needs protecting.

By donating to Project AWARE®, you are contributing to on-the-ground efforts to protect vulnerable marine species and decrease pollution.