Detail Page - JP5 Alpha - M

Long-Lasting Wetsuit

The Seavenger Alpha Wetsuit is a must-have piece in any gear bag. Premium neoprene holds up to the wear and tear of even the craziest watersports, including kayaking, wakeboarding, surfing and scuba diving. Anti-abrasion panels at the shoulders and the knees add an extra layer of toughness that takes on the friction of extra gear like BCD jackets, while the bulky zipper features top-notch construction that maximizes the wetsuit's lifespan.

Snug and Stretchy

Super soft neoprene forms to your body like a second skin and provides excellent thermal retention in cool to temperate waters. Looking to dive a little deeper? No problem! The Seavenger JP5 creates a super snug fit that's perfect for layering or wearing underneath a dry suit. Get extreme comfort whether you're riding the waves or diving beneath them.

All Shapes and Sizes

The Seavenger Alpha is for explorers and adventurers of all kinds. From the tropical islands to the cooler waters of San Diego, this wetsuit is a shapeshifting sidekick that's perfect for wherever life takes you. Available in shapes for both men and women as well as plus sizes, this wetsuit is built for going with the flow and moving with you through every wave.