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Seavenger Hydra Oval Dive Mask

Seavenger Hydra Oval Dive Mask

Retro Oval Mask

This fun old school dive mask features a retro oval shape in bold, bright colors that make a statement. With a single lens construction that creates a stunning, panoramic view, it's the perfect mask for the scuba diver who wants their gear to be just as fun as their dive.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Paddle at the surface or take a deeper dive โ€” the Seavenger Hydra mask is up for the craziest of adventures. Worried about equalizing? This old school diving mask has two small pockets at the nose that allow you to pinch your nose and equalize just as easily as a traditional dive mask.

Convenient Fit

Adjustable buckles at either side of the frame allow you to get the perfect fit no matter your face shape. Soft, flexible silicone seals to your skin and is hypoallergenic, so even people with sensitive skin can count on extreme comfort throughout their dive.