Trekker Unisex Rash Guard Short Sleeve Black

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Size Chart - Unisex Rash Guard Short Sleeve

Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard Size Chart
  • Flat-lock stitching to prevent chafing
  • Protection from wildlife and elements
  • Unisex fit with short sleeves
  • Lightweight, stretchy spandex material
  • Inset sleeves for large range of motion

If you are looking for a garment to keep you safe from harmful UV light and other hazards like fire coral and jellyfish, look no further than the Trekket Unisex Rash Guard. It provides safety without sacrificing functional factors like inset shoulder sleeves for maximum range of motion and flat-lock stitching to prevent any kind of chafing throughout your body. The lightweight material is comfy, and the short-sleeve rash guard is designed to fit a little more relaxed on your body.


Also available in Long Sleeve

Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard Size Chart

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Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard Short Sleeve

Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard Short Sleeve

Intentional Functionality

The Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard was designed to keep you comfortable. The lightweight, stretchy spandex material provides a snug fit that does lose its shape after long hours of activity. To prevent your range of motion from being affected as you explore, the arm sleeve seams on this product are brought inward toward the chest, allowing your shoulders to have free movement. All of the stitching on this garment is a flat-lock design to prevent any unnecessary rubbing against the skin.

Diverse Protection

There are a few common hazards when you are out exploring the water. Harmful UV sunlight, jellyfish, and fire coral stings are among them. Luckily, this rash guard protects against all of those hazards at once.

Stylish Design

With five different patterns to choose from, you'll be able to express yourself while maintaining functionality. The rash guard is lightweight enough to also be worn under a wetsuit for anyone who is sensitive to neoprene or other wetsuit material.