Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks - Red Feather

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Seavenger Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks
  • Tall style with fabric fastener closure
  • Stretchy spandex material
  • Ideal for beach volleyball or soccer
  • Flat-lock stitching prevents chafing
  • Durable Kevlar sole provides grip

Give your feet the time of their life with Seavenger’s exclusive Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks! Designed specially for beach volleyball, soccer and other sand sports, these unique socks provide unbelievable comfort and reliable protection in a variety of bright, bold colors. Stretchy spandex uppers are breathable and flexible, while the super-strong Kevlar soles max out grip and still allow for foot dexterity. Flatlock stitching eliminates chafing, making these ultra-comfy socks the perfect pair for beach sports.

Also available in a low-cut slip-on style.


Seavenger Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks

Home Turf: Southern California


Seavenger Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks

Seavenger Tall SeaSnug Beach Socks

The Perfect Accessory for an Active

Lifestyle Keep SeaSnugs on hand for an impromptu game of beach volleyball or stick them in your scuba gear bag to wear under your fins. Their lightweight material and adjustable fit make all beach and water activities more comfortable and convenient.

Durable Grip for Unexpected Adventures

A tough heat-resistant sole provides maximum traction on slick surfaces. Whether you're hanging out on the pool deck or walking along the softer sands around tide pools, SeaSnugs give some extra grip.

Comfortable Fit

Stretchy spandex material and an adjustable calf strap makes SeaSnugs a comfortable fit that won't slip and protects from sunburns, sand and other irritating elements.