Seaevnger 4 Family Activities for Cold Beach Days Smores Roast Sandcastles Seashell Hunt Ride the Waves

Family Activities for Cold Beach Days

Family Activities for Cold Beach Days

          Too cold to dive in? Here are four beach activities for when the weather is quite chilly and gloomy. Brace yourselves for the cool coastal breeze and grab all the things you need for a fun-filled beach day with the entire family! 

Smores Roast 

          Nothing beats the toasty feeling of an open fire on a gloomy day! The warmth from the timber is the perfect place to make some yummy smores. Just grab some skewers, place a marshmallow at the tip, and roast until the desired toastiness. Then place onto a chocolate bar and graham cracker. Top with another graham cracker and enjoy the oozy, sweet taste of a classic campfire smore! The perfect activity and treat for all ages.


Sand Castle Battle 

          There is a competitive edge that comes along with building anything. Nevertheless, the technique it takes to build a sandcastle. Gear you made needed: bucket, shovel, seashells and lots of ocean water! The key is to softly pack damp sand into a pile, using a bucket or freeform to create the shapes and designs you want for your beachy creation. Then carve and smooth the edges and add extra water as necessary to keep the delicate infrastructure fortified. Some favor height, others width, while extra brownie points go to creative measures like forts, starfish queens and seashell decor.


Seashell Hunt

          Who can find the most exciting seashell? An easy and fun activity that will keep the kiddos busy for hours on end is a hunt for seashells! The winter months are the perfect time for a  shell hunt as there are fewer visitors at local beaches to take up all the hidden gems. Here are some pro-tips for finding the best shells: search the coastline before or after the low tide. Grab a pair of beach socks and wade into the water. Washed-up seaweed bunches hold different ocean secrets and critters within their slimy leaves. Test your luck and bring your bucket and shovel to dig into the sand.


Ride the Waves

          When water temperatures are too low to swim or surf, no problem, grab a paddleboat or kayak. If you’re feeling fancy, rent out a full-on boat or grab a ticket to a ferry and ride the waves without getting too wet! Of course, a few splashes of salty seawater are inevitable, especially with kayaks and paddleboats, but this is a great way to enjoy the breeze, see the sea and get a taste of the rhythm of the ocean; without jumping straight in!  ...