Seavenger Gear You Need For Your Next Watersports Adventure

Gear You Need For Your Next Watersports Adventure

Gear You Need For Your Next Watersports Adventure

True adventurers know the power in preparation. The last thing you want is to be out and about, with little to no cell service and no shop in sight for these essential travel must-haves. The focus should always be on having a good time. Here are some essential items you need for your next watersports adventure.


Seavenger Trekker Unisex Rash Guard


Light clothing you can layer on top of a swimsuit like a rashguard gives you the protection you need and offers versatility as you heat up while moving. Just take the layers on and off as needed on a chilly beach morning, or once the blood starts pumping as you row a kayak down the stream. The Trekker Rash Guard is lightweight spandex material and protects from harmful UV rays, jellyfish, sting fire coral, and other sea life. Available in a long sleeve or short sleeve version in various colors and sizes for all ages ranging from XS to 4X-Large.


Seavenger 20L Seafarer Waterproof Dry Bag


Phone, wallet, car keys, you name it, traveling without a waterproof bag to a watersports adventure is like prepping a homemade lunch to take on a flight - useless and disappointing. Keeping all your belongings safe and secure is essential, but keeping the tiny sand particles away from every little crevice is more important. Your car and washing machine will thank you later. But even if you’re kayaking down a riverbed, water splashes and sudden floods are inevitable. Keep your things clean and protected with a Seavenger 20l Seafarer Water Dry Bag, just the right size to comfortably fit a blanket, sweaters, snacks and every miscellaneous thing you may need. 


So maybe you’re wearing your Seavenger wetsuit, or you’ve layered on a rashguard that protects you; despite these efforts, there are still surfaces of your skin that are exposed to harmful UV rays. Don’t let sun exposure trick you. Even on the cloudiest of days, slather on the sunscreen as often as possible. Apply 30 minutes before you head out and every two hours while adventuring. Pro-tip: check out water-resistant sunscreen options for your aquatic activities. 



But will there be water all around me? Said no one ever. Bring water. All kinds of water. As much water as you can carry without causing a nuisance. Watersports are jam-packed with fun but involve hard work. Hydration is key.  It’s recommended that you drink 8 ounces of water before you start exercising, 7-10 ounces every 10-20 min while exercising, and 8 ounces after you’ve completed your exercise. Swimming, rowing, surfing, snorkeling, paddling all constitute exercise. 



We don’t mean gasoline; we mean body fuel. It never hurts to carry a few granola bars, sweet treats and protein-packed mixes to keep you going on a day full of movement. There’s a particular feeling that goes hand in hand with eating after you’ve burned off extra calories while exploring. Even if you're sitting tight watching the kids run around the sand, a simple sandwich feels like a feast fit for kings. It sounds simple, but truly a blessing when push comes to shove and the 12 o’clock munchies start taking over. Plan ahead!